The first Zero Waste dolls

A commitment to reducing waste

The Muñecas Antonio Juan favor responsible play, taking care of the environment and generating zero waste on its manufacture. From the first steps of the design until it is ready to be in your arms, the doll follows a whole process of sustainable production, in which all waste has been efficiently managed, with the aim of offering you a doll that, in addition to be special, it is safe and has been created causing the least environmental impact.

Thanks to these good practices we have become the first firm in the sector to obtain Zero Waste certificate granted by the world-renowned LL-C certifier. Currently, Muñecas Antonio Juan manages up to 92% of the waste generated following the 3 R rule (reduce, reuse and recycled), which is even 10% more than what the certifying company requires. Annually, the waste managed by Muñecas Antonio Juan are:

  • More than 3 tons of textile material.
  • More than 400 kg of plastics.
  • 3 tons of paper and cardboard.
  • 750 kg of office paper.
  • All the textile reel tubes are returned to the supplier for reuse, as well as every pallet and product transport baskets.

The implementation of all these measures has contributed in different positive aspects such as:

  • Convert waste into resources and use them more intelligently.
  • Reduce the waste that is sent to the landfill, without generating emissions to the soil, water or air, that pose a threat to the environment or people’s health.
  • Prolong the life of the products and materials used in the manufacture of our dolls.
  • Reduce polluting environmental emissions and greenhouse gases, one of the main problems of excess waste.
  • Reduce costs, maximizing the use of raw materials, products and waste, which contributes to energy savings.

As doll manufacturers, we are not only committed to children, but also to their future, and this involves implementing sustainable measures in favor of the planet and against climate change. Based on these principles, we have applied circular economy policies throughout our production chain, in order to properly manage the waste generated, following rule 3R (reduce, reuse and recycle).

Now you know that your Muñecas Antonio Juan doll, in addition to being beautiful, is committed to making you enjoy of a healthy planet.

Do you join us for responsible gaming?