Why dolls made in Spain are so prestigious?

Do you know where your doll by Muñecas Antonio Juan was born?

The origin of a doll makes the difference. That is why it is important that you know that your best friend has been dreamed, designed and created 100% in Spain, specifically in a small town in Alicante called Onil. This town is located in the heart of what is known as the Toy Valley, the cradle of this industry in the 19th century and also of our brand, Muñecas Antonio Juan, in 1958.

For more than a century, Spain has led the toy industry in Europe with a production that covers for more than 30% of the sector’s turnover. In particular, the doll is the most recognizable toy of Spanish manufacture, thanks to its quality compared to productions from other countries.

At Muñecas Antonio Juan we have defended local production and put our trust in the experience of artisan trades for more than 60 years. It is for this reason that all our doll production continues to be located since our birth in Onil, as a benchmark in the art of doll making. An added value that gives all our creations distinction and quality, and with which we manage to preserve the development and success of the toy manufactur in the area.

The design, the choice of materials used, the design of the clothes, the artisan production … every detail has the added creativity and the undoubted ingenuity that comes from decades of family tradition.

The proximity of all production also allows us to control the quality of the processes complying with the strictest European and American regulations on toy safety and being in close contact with our team.

The mixture of tradition, modernity and the expert hands of the best specialists in the art of toys production are reflected every year in a new collection of authentic handcrafted pieces. Dolls that make young and old fall in love with, due to their quality and design and that have managed to cross our borders to bring the “Made in Onil” brand to more than 40 countries.

But, do you want to know how to recognize your real Muñecas Antonio Juan Doll? As members of the Onil Doll Manufacturers Circle, in all our creations you will recognize the Origin seal, synonymous of tradition, quality, exclusivity and authenticity that characterize the dolls created 100% in Onil, Spain, and that place them as the most valued in the world.

Now you know where your doll was born and why its origin makes it so special.

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