Is it possible to grow in 2020 in the doll sector?

We are convinced.

Since the day we made our first doll, we have focused on a strategy of growth and constant improvement, allowing us to increase our competitiveness until establishing ourselves as a world reference brand in the manufacture of quality dolls.

In mid 2019, we decided to give a new boost to the company with a strategic plan based on five lines of action: new facilities, investment in personnel, internationalisation, digitalisation, and R&D. Already into 2020, and in the middle of the implementation process, the crisis of COVID 19 arrived, an unprecedented crisis. But we weren’t willing to take a step back, and our commitment to the company’s progression remains intact and stronger than ever.

  1. New facilities.

    We started the year moving the company to new facilities in Onil (Alicante), the place where we were born, we consolidated and were we want to continue growing, in favor of tradition and the quality of our dolls.

    The new factory, located in the Los Vasalos industrial estate, has led to an increase in manufacturing capacity of up to 30%, and it also has made possible to have a new production line to accommodate the growth of the international market. The facilities are completed with an office area and a warehouse with which we have increased the square meters by 200% for finished products.

  2. Investment in personnel.

    People are the main asset of Muñecas Antonio Juan. For this reason, we continue to expand our staff, even in complicated times. In the last year we have doubled the staff, with a special commitment in recent months, to strengthen sales, customer service, marketing and production teams. Four fundamental departments, whose collaboration and coordination is a key to the future.

  3. Internationalisation.

    Market diversification is a door to growth and business opportunities, but it is very demanding and requires constant effort. The expansion of our facilities, sales and marketing personnel have allowed us to develop a well-defined strategy to open up to new foreign markets and continue to increase our presence in the countries with which we already work. Currently, export occupies 30% of our production, with a current presence in more than 40 countries on the five continents.

  4. Digitalisation.

    New technologies open essential avenues for optimizing resources and management times, while helping to reduce mistakes that can lead to a bad image for clients and consumers. We have focused on the implementation of new management systems and established flow strategies between the different communication and gaining channels to ensure the best service to our clients.

  5. R&D.

    Listening to you, knowing your tastes and preferences, allows us to continue innovating and developing a new catalogue every year, renewing 50% of our products. In each edition, new products join the great family of Muñecas Antonio Juan, as in the case of the 2020 Collection, with 30% of dolls novelties. Dolls varied in size (from 21 cm to 55 cm), in their material (fabric or vinyl) and styles (babies, mannequin, Reborns and early childhood) so that you can have the best playmate.

If the health and economic crisis as a result of the Covid 19 has highlighted anything, it is that everyone’s effort adds up and that cooperation is key to success. We wanted to be closer than ever to our clients, so, in addition to the implementation of these lines of action, Muñecas Antonio Juan have offer financial measures to reactivate sales and have advanced the payment to all those suppliers that need help to deal with this crisis.

This 2020, we look to the future with the firmness and tranquility that more than 60 years of experience and tradition provide us.

Muñecas Antonio Juan, always breaking the moulds!

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