Antonio Juan Muñecas | Know us
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The birth of a trustmark brand

In the province of Alicante, cradle of the Spanish toy industry since the end of the XIX century, the brand “Muñecas Antonio Juan”
was born in 1958 in the town of Onil
. A humble family enterprise, in which three generations of toyshop owners joined together and,
since then, 
has not stopped growing converting the company into a world model.

A handcraft work cared to detail 100% Spanish


Specialists in the art of the toy

The combination of tradition, modernity and expert hands of the best specialists in the art of the toy have allowed us to progress without losing our philosophy as a brand: to provide the best quality-price offers to our customers.


Experience, quality and price

Our experience in the sector, allows us to create products adapted to the current market. The determination for innovating and offering toys of quality in a competitive price, is the reason, for which at present, we export to more than 40 countries on the five continents.



Design made in Spain

In all the manufacturing process, from the design of each one of the components, up to the materials used in its production, are made and pampered with dedication, and so we achieve good results, exclusive dolls, with 100% Spanish design and craftsmanship that, as well as being attractive, comply with the most stringent European and American regulations on toy safety.


Leonor, media phenomenon

In the recent years, the brand ” Antonio Juan”, has been strenthened thanks to the launch of a new doll named Leonor. Our small tribute, to the first daughter of Their Majesties the Kings of Spain, and today S.A.R. Princess Leonor, became a social and media phenomenon without any precedents all over Spain.