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The birth of a
trustmark brand

In the province of Alicante, cradle of the Spanish toy industry since the end of the XIX century, the brand “Muñecas Antonio Juan” was born in 1958 in the town of Onil. A humble family enterprise, in which three generations of toyshop owners joined together and, since then, has not stopped growing converting the company into a world model.


Our commitment to climate change

We know that children are the future, and as doll makers we not only bet on healthy play,
but we feel responsible for leaving them a more sustainable world. Therefore, from
Antonio Juan Dolls we have launched a series of actions aimed at reducing environmental pollution thus contributing to reduce the greenhouse effect, aware that our future is
at risk if we do not come up with solutions.


Organic fabrics

Antonio Juan Dolls is the first national company in the sector that has introduced organic fabrics to make the clothes of its creations. As doll makers it is our responsibility to provide a safe and healthy game for children, while we are committed to leaving them a more sustainable world. Fruits of this philosophy are born with in this new collection, designed under the principles of respect for the environment and the health of the little ones.


Playing in equality

The doll has been a toy traditionally associated with girls, with a direct link to the role of mother and carer with which women have been identified until very recently. However, society is changing and it is time to end these sexist clichés related to the children game. For this reason, Muñecas Antonio Juan are committed to an education without stereotypes and to an equal play of boys and girls.


Know Sweet Reborns,
the most real baby


Some samples from our large family


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