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We want to continue being your trusted brand.

You already know, that in Muñecas Antonio Juan we are highly concern about the little ones safety and, as toy manufacturers, we have always complied with the strictest regulations to guarantee a healthy game. Now, more than ever, and taking into account the health crisis we are experiencing due to COVID 19, we want you to keep feeling confident at our side. For this reason, we have created the “Safe Product” seal, which represents our dolls manufacturing conditions within a controlled environment, by implementing all the prevention recommendations raised by Spain Health Ministry. We have created a specific protocol to combat COVID 19, that includes the following measures:

  • Use of masks by all our personnel, both in the doll factory and in offices, being available to clients or external people who access the company without protection.
  • Regular hand cleaning with hydroalcoholic solutions every two hours and mandatory upon entering the company.
  • Access to hydroalcoholic solutions in each department.
  • Guarantee the minimum safety distance of 2 meters between people,
    avoiding physical contact.
  • The uniforms used in certain areas of the company cannot be brought out of the installations, in order to control and avoid a possible contamination.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of common areas and passages.

All these measures are applied at a general level both among our staff and customers and suppliers. Likewise, we have detailed specific processes and measures based on the activity carried out in each area of the company.

Regarding the handling of our dolls, once their manufacture and packaging are finished, they remain in quarantine within their individual boxes, and these in turn are grouped within the master boxes; therefore, both the dolls and their packaging do not receive any other contact until their arrival at the destination at the point of sale.

This is a security protocol that is always open to reviews according to the progress of the pandemic and the new recommendations of the health authorities regarding COVID 19, with which we want to offer you all the guarantees when buying Antonio Juan Dolls.

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