Antonio Juan Muñecas | Sweet Reborns
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Sweet Reborns, Collector’s Edition

They are designed with the multilayer acrylic painting technique, which has been developed and perfected by the craftsmen of MUÑECAS ANTONIO JUAN S.L.

Their skin, thanks to the babies own features such as softness, redness and veins practically not visible, to a spontaneous sight, they acquire a great realism.



How to take care of your Reborn baby

Please remembers that the babies Reborn are handcrafted pieces and need a minimum care for its perfect conservation. Here are a few advices in order that your baby always remain as the first day:

  • Remember that it is a handcrafted piece and as such it is necessary to take care of it.
  • It is not a toy, it is a collector’s piece of high quality for adults and has to be handled with a lot of care. It is not suitable for 14-year-old minor children, do not let them play with it. Handle it as if it was a real newborn baby.
  • Your baby must be away from extreme heat and cold.The heat is very dangerous for the baby because the vinyl becomes very soft when it warms up and can be deformed. Never leave it in a warm car or near any sousrce of heat. With the heat, the outfit with strong colors may manage to penetrate the colors to it’s skin. Better to use outfits with light colors
  • If necessary, you can clean the skin of your baby using a soft cloth and slightly moistened with water. Do not apply to the skin soaps, nor creams, do not rub the skin and above all do not use baby wipes as they contain alcohol that could completely damage the paint. If you want to perfume the baby do it on the clothes, never do it on their skin. Remember that your baby is always clean and does not like water. DO NOT BATH.
  • The use of hats can damage the paint of the hair and may advance the ageing process, try to avoid it.
  • Do not leave the pacifier on the baby for a long time, The lips might deteriorate with the friction. The use of pacifiers and baby bottles constantly can produce wear of it´s brightness and color in the lips. Moderates it´s use.
  • Be very careful when cleaning the eyes, The eyelashes are of natural fiber and are very delicate, due to it´s manipulation or with the passage of time, it may deteriorate or break.
  • The arms and legs of the baby can be rotated completely with care and without forcing to avoid tears. The head has a slight spin, the movement should be moderate as it could damage the head restraint and to prevent sewing tears in the body.
  • And finally, attention if it has pacemaker, the baby DOES NOT CARRY built-in magnets in any part of the baby. You can enjoy it peacefully..

Technical Department of Quality


Includes numbered certificate of authenticity guaranteeing its exclusivity.



Presentation in an elegant packaging with high quality finishes.



In all our dolls we take care of every detail, such as the manicure and pedicure done in a very meticulously way.