Antonio Juan Muñecas | New creations
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Last innovations of our large family

It is our pleasure to invite you to submerge in our world of illusion and fantasy, hoping that our creations are of your satisfaction. We feel proud to be able to make happy everyone who dreams and grows up playing.

Muñecas Antonio Juan

Martina and Martín

We are smiling twins and we never separate from our “mantita doudou”.


Pitus (cambiador)

We love it when we receive cuddling and make us look handsome in our changer.

Recién Nacido Nico (manta acolchada)

I like the feeling of being tucked in inside my quilted blanket.

Recién Nacida Nica (manta acolchada)

I am looking forward to be picked up and to be cradled with my blanket.


Recién Nacida Nica (estampada)

In the summer I enjoy to go comfortable, nice and cool dressed with happy prints.


Recién Nacida Nica (braguita)

My clothes doesn’t miss any detail, I am always elegant for every occasion.


Baby Tonet (Saco)

With my pacifier and cuddly in my blanket bag I am ready for my favorite story.


Any (Trenzas)

I have combed myself with braids and made myself pretty to be ready to go out and live a thousand adventures.


Beni (Bufanda)

Prepared for the cold and well equipped with my matching jacket and scarf.


Pipo y Pipa (Paseo)

Smiling and charming, we are always ready to have a long and amusing walks.


Luna (Cojín lana)

The hour of sleeping has come, a well-deserved rest after an intense day of games.